Alexis Ffrench – One Look ft. Leona Lewis


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Alexis Ffrench – With the video for ‘ONE LOOK’, we wanted to recreate some of the unique moments we had shared whilst recording this song – from the creative process of composing it to the inspiring interactions we had trying things out together musically and whilst recording this song together. This video reflects the wonderful moments we shared whilst collaborating on this song. We wanted this video to echo the authenticity of the song and to be a reflection of the essential, heartfelt trust we felt in each other that was at the very core of our musical collaboration.
Those two words ‘ONE LOOK’ came before the music, the lyrics and before anything else, in fact. These two words seemed to resonate with me so strongly and penetrated deep into my heart.
‘ONE LOOK’, to me, is a song that ‘lies beneath’ – and speaks to a quietly, self-affirming peace that exists when true love is found. I wanted to create a song that undulates within wide emotional landscapes yet stays true to its foundation with a directness of message that subtracts all that is superfluous and retains all that is real in the moment.
I normally work completely by myself, but in this song the collaboration is all about trust and the unknown and doing things I wouldn’t normally do.
Leona recorded it at Abbey Road, and it was an absolutely astonishing session. Her voice is remarkable, with such nuance and velvety qualities. I am delighted with the end result which cuts straight to the heart of the message and truly represents my classical-soul sound.